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The final instalment to my trilogy of short experimental documentaries is underway with test select reels for Slow-Man-Noid. A black and white slow motion, avant-garde extravaganza! 

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Representation of the gaze in cinema: Viewing the presentation of gender in the movies.

In this essay, the representation of gender through cinema will be explored. The research will explore the concept that the movie camera is an extension of the predominant male opinion, that empowers the man and 'objectifies' women. Furthermore, the essay will explore the counter argument of the new cinema and certain female actors and directors, currently working in the Hollywood system today that present the female as strong independent characters. In addition, to viewing the oppositional arguments of the rising scholarship concerning: ‘The Female Gaze’ – in which films directed by women have, in recent years altered the male overshadowing of the industry. that will be presented within this essay through a series of filmic examples. Viewing through the existing scholarship of Laura Mulvey, the pleasure of viewing women in an over-sexualised manner.
Throughout the history of cinema, the representational stereotype of female roles has followed a set structure of presenting, …

The Importance of Sound in Media Productions

This research report will investigate the impact of sound on a wide range of media platforms and technologies with my aim to discuss sounds impact on audiences through both the presence of diegetic and non-diegetic sound effects within the medium of cinema and the affect sound has on individuals immersed in triple A (AAA) Gaming releases. This report will evaluate the relationship of sound and audio within visual media while highlighting particular examples involving journalistic media, narrative-based content and video gaming. The inclusion of high-quality sound effects has in recent years become an integral aspect of filmmaking; with the development of sounds presence within films dramatically increasing audience immersion, retention and participation in the content. Early productions such as, the experimental film, 'Don Juan (1926)' featured a film score and various sound effects, improving the overall experience of the film. Fully immersive examples of cinema sound were i…


The concept of Documentary or factual filmmaking has been an integral aspect of cinema history since its inception in 1895. Early cinema pioneers such as the Lumiere Brothers (Museum, 2009), Mitchell and Kenyon and Thomas Edison utilised the medium of film as a means of presenting the world. But with a stance on the, 'unknown': presenting short films featured around elements of illusion and trickery. The Lumiere Brothers can both be regarded as documentary filmmakers alongside initiative pioneers. Both the Lumiere's and Thomas Edison worked on the development of projection technologies, the cinematograph, which in contrast to Thomas Edison's kinetoscope as noted as Edison wrote in 1888, "I am experimenting upon an instrument which does for the eye what the phonograph does for the ear, which is the recording and reproduction of things in motion," (Thomas Edison Signed Letter Phonograph | Raab Collection, no date), allowed for simultaneous viewing by multiple …