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Here Comes Mr Jordan

I've started to delve into the Criterion Collection Blu-Rays. I'll have to except I'll never complete or collect them all. There's far too many to comprehend. This very concept has steered me away from the Criterion Closest for some time. But that's since changed. Too many films being released with the polished treatment to miss out on I must add.

So that brings me onto today's post on. Here Comes Mr Jordan. I Picked the film up on Ebay for a steal £8.99, brand new and sealed. Simply wonderful presentation on the packaging alongside the stunning 2K restored transfer to this film, as per standard for Cirterion. 

The film follows the life of a boxer by the name of Joe Pendleton; his untimely death caused by an administrative error  leads Joe to purgatory fifty years premature. Mr Jordan, a guardian angle is sent in to resolve this unprecedented occurrence. Here Comes Mr Jordan is the intellectual, more thought out take of It's a Wonderful Life. 

Without spoiling too much for those who haven't yet had the privilege to view. Orginally Released in 1941, the cinematography by Joseph Walker is astounding and ahead of its time. 

Furthermore, a terrific performance from the cast. Robert Montgomery as Joe Pendleton and Claude Rains as Mr Jordan in particular. Evelyn Keyes plays a captivating role too.

This is the first Alexander Hall film I've seen and will definitely be checking out his other works.  


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